Types of Plastic

Joules Floral Box Bottom CMYK Die Cut
Joules Floral Box Bottom CMYK Die Cut
Low Density Polyethylene – LDPE or just LD

LD is the most common plastic used for retail carry bags. It is used by Myer and David Jones in their iconic carry bags. LD is Soft, Glossy and Strong. LD is the default choice for retail carry bags and is also used for extra-large or premium singlet bags. Pigments can be added to produce a wide range of colours.

25 Micron LD: Magazine Wrap for Post

25 – 35 micron LD: used for Bread Bags

40 – Micron LD: Minimum Micron for Retail Bags

50 – 75 Micron LD: Typical Retail Bag Thickness

100 – 150 Micron LD: Possible but unusual for Retail Bags

High Density Polyethylene – HDPE or just HD

Thick HD is used for premium carry bags because it is stiff and tough. It has a matt finish and a pleasant powdery feeling. In its natural state it has a ‘frosted’ appearance although pigments can be added to produce a wide range of colours. Because it is stiff and ‘holds’ a crease well is it the material of choice for Box Bottom bags.

Thin HD is used for economy applications like produce rolls in fruit shops and super market singlet bags. This is the ‘crinkly, crackly plastic’. It is difficult to add enough pigment to thin HDPE to make strong colours though Tints are easy.

8 -10 Micron HD: Fruit Ship Produce Rolls

12 – 20 micron HD: Normal Supermarket Singlet Bags

30 – 50 micron HD: Die Cut, Soft Loop

40 – 80 Micron HD: Premium thickness Box Bottom Bags