HandleTypes - Kraft Paper Carry Bags

There is a range of wonderful handles that suit every type of Kraft Paper Carry Bag, from the cost effective and practical Paper Twisted handle to luxurious Flat Spun Cotton Handles. Kraft paper carry bags and shopping bags are a practical environmental choice. 
  1. Paper Twisted Handle with/without Turnover top. Made in an automated process these handles are cost effective, practical and provide a natural look. We can add a turn-over top to increase the strength of this bag
  2. Flat Folded Handles with/without Turnover Top are a practical handle made of paper, a perfect natural look for Kraft paper bags. We can add a turn-over over top to increase the strength of this bag.
  3. Die cut handles are both cost effective and very popular. They can be reinforced with patches to give strength where it is needed most. Recently Turn-over Tops have become popular as they strengthen the handle as well as improving the look and the feel of the bag
  4. Round Polypropylene Handle. These can be made as a multi-layered cord or as traditional three strand weave similar to rope which provides a regal look and feel.
  5. Flat Spun Cotton Handles. Made of woven cotton these handles have a wonderful feel with a look of understated luxury. They come in several different weaves and widths.
  6. Flat polyester Handle are a more economical option similar in look to Flat spun cotton handles.