Finishes - Kraft Paper Carry Bags

Kraft Paper Bags can have a wonderful range of Finishes from a simple Overall Print Varnish to all over Embossing. 
  1. Embossing is a process that gives a three dimensional look to certain selected areas of your bag. It also gives the bag a unique texture. Blind embossing does not use ink or foil to highlight the embossed area. This is best used for a subtle impression on the entire bag.
  2. Spot UV Varnish is an Ultra-Violet cured coating that can be applied in very thin coatings in a wide variety of gloss ranges. The advantage of UV is that it provides a very high shine finish with high clarity that makes the details on your bag stand out. It is also very durable protecting your bag.
  3. Over Print Varnish is added to Kraft paper bags to enhance and protect your logo or brand. The varnish adds a subtle and delightful sheen to your bag without interfering with natural recyclable properties of your Kraft bag.