Finishes - Art Paper Boutique Bags


  1. Embossing is a process that gives a three dimensional look to certain selected areas of your bag. It also gives the bag a unique texture. Blind embossing does not use ink or foil to highlight the embossed area. A die is pressed into the card raising the area to achieve the 3D effect. This is best use for a subtle impression on the entire bag. Bold or combination embossing is when foil or a pantone colour is aligned over the top of the embossed image to give you a bold and pronounced look. This can be added to Art Paper, Art Card and Kraft paper bags.
  2. Hot foil stamping is the application of metallic foil for your logo or brand identity statement that gives it a bright sassy silver or gold affect. If combined with embossing it creates striking 3D effect the rises out of the bag surface. This can be applied to Art Paper, Art Card and Kraft paper bags to give a striking finish to your bag.
  3. Spot UV Varnish is an Ultra-Violet cured coating that can be applied in very thin films in a wide variety of gloss ranges. The advantage of UV is that it provides a very high shine finish with high clarity that makes the details on your bag stand out. It is also very durable protecting your bag.