Handle Types - Art Paper Boutique Bags

Many different styles of handles can be added to your Art paper boutique bag to give a unique look whilst making it comfortable to hold. Paper shopping bags and carry bags can have ribbon handles, flat spun cotton handles, rope handles and round polypropylene handles. All of them provide a comfortable and stylish way for you to advertise on your shopping bags and boutique bags. 
  1. These handles can be made as a multi-layered plait or as a traditional three strand weave similar to rope which provides a regal look and feel.
  2. These seductive handles exude luxury with either a silky smooth finish (Satin Ribbon) or wonderful textured feel (Grosgrain Ribbon) suitable for Art and Kraft Bags.
  3. Made of woven cotton these handles have a wonderful feel with a look of understated luxury. They come in several different weaves and thicknesses.
  4. Flat Polyester Handles are a more economical option similar in look to Flat Spun Cotton Handles.