Material Cholces - Environmental Outcomes

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We are proud of the efforts we and others in our industry have made to reduce our impact on the environment. Whether you are buying a car, a laptop or a shopping bag there is no perfect way to eliminate environmental problems. We believe that our environmental responsibilities are best summarized by the saying, reduce reuse and recycle.

There are no absolute solutions but for every packaging application there are actions we can take to minimise and improve the environmental outcomes.

Encouraging others to do the right thing is almost as important as doing the right thing ourselves. For this reason we have a selection of environmental messages that can be added to your artwork.

Plastic Options

Oxo-Degradable Plastic

These types of plastic degrade into water and CO2. They minimise the use of landfill and ensure that the plastic degrades as quickly as possible should it end up as litter.

The two leading companies supplying Oxo-Degradable plastic are d2w or epi. We can supply almost any type of plastic bags using d2w or epi technology. Environmental Message options.

Recyclable Plastic

The main types of plastic we use are LDPE and HDPE. Both types of plastic can be recycled to make other plastic products. To facilitate recycling we encourage our customers to identify the type of plastic used. We also have a range of ‘calls to action’ encouraging the end user to recycle.

Compostable Corn Starch

Compostable corn starch plastic bags grew in popularity from about 2008. It was an interesting technology however it is questionable if diverting food and farmland to produce plastic is sustainable.

Paper Options

Made from Recycled Content

We offer a range of recycled content papers, from 20% to 70%. This paper is great because it has come from the recycling stream and can go back into the recycling stream once it has been used.


Most of the papers we use are recyclable. The main criteria for a paper to be recyclable is that it be unlaminated. It is valuable to add a helpful recycling tip such as “Tear our rope handle prior to recycling”.

If a laminated finish is required then we recommend using paper made from recycled content.

Unbleached Kraft Paper

Unbleached Kraft Paper is manufactured with less harmful chemicals than normal paper and is easily recycled.