Environmental Messages

It is important to share with others the concrete actions your company is taking to protect the environment. There is a natural inclination to be a quite achiever, however inspiring others to do the right thing can be just as important as the initial contribution. We are social animals and if we know our customer, supplier or neighbour is taking action we are more inclined to do so ourselves.

We offer the following range of customizable environmental messages.  

  1. HDPE 2 Recyclable at Supermarkets
    HDPE 2 Recyclable at Supermarkets
  2. LDPE 4 Recyclable Logo
    LDPE 4 Recyclable Logo
  3. D2W Controled Life
    D2W Controled Life
  1. epi Degradable Plastic
    epi Degradable Plastic
  2. Remove Handle and Recycle
    Remove Handle and Recycle
  3. Unbleached Kraft Paper
    Unbleached Kraft Paper